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"HANK" - Puppy from Ava and Yukon

Born February 2012

We could not be more happy with our yellow lab, Hank!  We purchased him from SOD Kennels in March 2012 at 6 weeks old, and he quickly adapted to his new home.  He was very easy to train and now behaves well while loose in the house as long as he has several toys to entertain him.  We could not imagine our house without our energetic, happy boy.  Great job, Seth and Amber!

                        -Carly and Stephen

                         Austin, TX

"LUCIA" - Puppy from Ava and Yukon

Born July 2013

We had a lot of concerns about brining a puppy into our newly constructed home, not to mention some of the comments we received.  "A puppy!?  It will destroy your house!" etc.  After meeting Seth and Amber and learning about the British Labrador breed we were quickly put at ease.  Since the day we brought home our dog, Lucia, she has been a loving, playful, and intelligent companion.  We chose to house break her by using the crate and bell methods.  Thanks to SOD Kennels she was crate trained from day one and quickly picked up on the bell method too.  At just five months old Lucia is competent with sit, stay, here, drop, let go, no ma'am, leave it, bed stay, and of course retrieve.  She has quickly become the puppy of the neighborhood.  Our neighbors and familiar faces at stores like Home Depot love to see Lucia and question her wherabouts when we make stops without her.  Lucia has easily adapted to meeting new dogs, cats, adults, and kids alike.  We could not be happier with Lucia and our experience with Seth and Amber at SOD Kennels!

           -Lauren and Jake Christenson 

            Austin, TX

"DENALI" - Puppy from Ava and Yukon Born February 2012

Opening day of dove season (September 1, 2012) - I couldn't have been prouder of my dog today.  She is 7 months old and got every dove we shot (two of which were in the tank that she didn't see).  Thanks Seth and Amber @ Shadows of Daybreak Kennels for a great dog!

                           -Brandon Plumlee

                            Giddings, TX

"DUALLY" - Puppy from Ava and Yukon

Born July 2013

At 11 weeks old and with short, fun training sessions, Dually is now well trained on the "sit" and "stay" commands along with "fetch", "hold", and "give".  We will begin working on the heeling next week.  This is my first British Lab and I have to say that I'm impressed.  Dually is smart, a very fast learner, he is calm, eager to please and non destructive.  I agree with Seth, a soft hand with fun, positive training equals great results with this breed.  Thanks Seth and Amber.

         -Joe and Susan Novak

          Down Near the Salt Marsh



I"SHINER" - Puppy from Ava and Yukon

Born February 2012

Shiner wanted me to send this greeting from him.  He wants you to know that he's put on 4 lbs since he moved in, and knows his name, how to sit, fetch, and walk on a leash (although) he prefers to just trot alongside.  He's working on going potty outside, mostly if his dumb owners would just make sure to open the door every now and then, those accidents would go away!  He says the crate is not too cool, but eventually he might decide its ok once in awhile.  Anyway, all is good, will send update again soon!

                                   -Love, Shiney

"Lux" - Puppy from Ava and Yukon

Born July 2013

Lux is about 4 months old and has picked up over 100 ducks.  She is by far the best dog I have ever owned. She has a great nose and never quits hunting.  But at the same time she is a perfect pet.  She sleeps inside and training her to be house broke was almost as easy as trining her to hunt. SOD Kennels has not only given us a great dog but also a great addition to our family.

         -Rayce Jenkins

          El Campo, TX

"Tokota" - Puppy from Keechi and Yukon

Born January 2014

Hi everyone, my name is Tokota.  My dad gave me this name because it means "friends to everyone" (Sioux Indian Language) and that is what I am.  Please let me tell you a little about myself.  Mom and Dad ask me to tell them when I want a potty break so I whined and that was my signal to go out, they let me out and I was completely house trained in 5 weeks, didn't mess in the house one time.  At 6 weeks Dad was spending time with me in the yard and I wanted to show him how smart I was so being a retreiver I brought him my favorite ball and he and I started playing fetch so now at 13 weeks I retrieve any object Dad wants. Dad and Mom take me with them in stores and once in a while I get to play with lots of children which I love.  But my main job will be Dad's registerd companion / sometimes service dog.  I start my training for this important job at 6 months old.  Thank you for listening.  I know my younger brothers or sisters would make you a great companion for any purpose.

                                   -Bill McInturff

                                    Plum, TX

"Eva" - Puppy from Ava and Yukon

Born January 2014

We had the pleasure of watching another SOD dog work in the field and decided to wait for a full sister to come along.  Seth helped us choose a female.  We had not had a puppy in the house in over ten years and I was not looking forward to the puppy months.  Eva toddled into the house at six weeks old, found her bed and her chew bone and that was it.  She came to me and scratched my feet when she wanted outside.  I was amazed at how she acclimated to our household and she quickly became best buddies with our other dog.  We bought "How to Train Your Hunting Dog" book and Eva took us through the chapters quickly.  Smart, willing and obident, and a "let's go do it" attitude.  She is my sweet house dog/office buddy during the week but turns into a focused hunting machine for my son and husband when you attach her orange leash and grab a gun.  Eva had her first hunt at 7 months old.  She retrieved many doves that day while quickly adjusting to a big group of hunters.  We highly recommend SOD dogs for hunting or companions.

                  -Lynane Plumlee

                   Giddings, TX

"Monkey" - Puppy from Keechi and Yukon

Born August 2014

Monkey has been a perfect puppy.  She is so playful and has even got our 4 year old Cavalier playing again.  She loves puppy brother!  She has been so easy training and such a joy for us to have. Thank you so much for giving us our perfect pup.  She is still a big eater and will be the first to the food bowl when it is meal time.  Her favorite toy is a tennis ball and will play fetch for hours.  She has "sit" and "lay" down perfect and we are now working on "stay" and teaching her to not jump on people.  She has a lot of energy but is the perfect snuggle buddy when it is nap time.  We couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family!

                                 -Elisa and Jason

                                   Austin, TX 

"Kona" - Puppy from Ava and Yukon

Born February 2015

10 ducks and 1 goose.  Kona did exceptionally well for his first hunt.  First bird, first shot, first retrieve of the day I folded a goose and Kona brought him in like a boss!!!  Kona had 2 blind retrieves which were amazing.  He has instinctive traits that can't be taught.  He also made a real long retrieve about 100+ yards.  I'm super pumped about my hunting partner, Kona, and can't wait for the many future hunts together!

              -Jeromie Wells

                Brenham, TX

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